Project & Event Management.

We are adept at managing a number of projects at once and ensuring all elements within that project happen at the agreed specified point. Using critical paths, planning documents and finding a way of working with each client so that they have the relevant info they need in order to answer to their stakeholders.


We have worked on projects for the following companies:

Coca-Cola GB, Ford, BT, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Puma, Anderson Consulting, Arthur Anderson, the FA, Manpower, Nintendo, Corporation of London, ASDA, Lloyds Banking Group, TSB, TalkTalk, The MOBO Organisation, Colleys, BP Shipping, BT, Shell, British Weightlifting Organisation, and various governmental departments.


Sound, Lighting, AV and all things technical.

Having managed the production for many events during the past twenty years, we have a broad knowledge of what is right for an event, and at what budget. We work with an array of companies who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their specialist area to help come up with the best solutions. We trust them to ensure events look, sound and feel spectacular.


Site Procurement, Management, Infrastructure, Health & Safety.

We have working relationships with many major venues throughout the UK and are also adept at using new venues to create our own spaces.


Detailed planning of any event means that we can ensure everything is in place before the doors open. By scoping out the event properly and finding out what you require, we can design the site and its infrastructure correctly. We can also save you time by collating together all the necessary health & safety and licensing documents to get the event approved by the relevant authorities. Detailed site plans can be drawn to scale.


The most important factor in all events is that they happen safely. We have H&S managers trained to IOSH standards to ensure that that any event that is put together is a safe event.


Creative Solutions.

Whatever the budget for the event, we realise that each of your events aims to be memorable and unique. We can create design solutions – starting from scratch or making your own ideas come to life. Using inflatables, drapes, branding, lighting and all manner of props, it is easy to transform any event into something that bit more spectacular. From generally stocked items that are hired in to one – offs specifically fabricated for the event, this is a way of making any event just extra bit special.


In Summary.

Over the past ten year we have specialised in large scale conferences and experiential events in the retail, finance and consumer brand sectors alongside work on festivals, rock tours and televised awards shows. We have not listed every event we have worked on but if you require more info please don’t hesitate to ask.